Using on more than one computer

Can you use dvd platinum on more than one computer. does dvdfab “phone home” like slysoft products. last question is there a limit to how many computers you can install the key on.

You are only allowed to run one copy at the same time. DVDFab dont phone home and SlySoft products also don’t phone home.

Oh yes they do :iagree: How else would Slysoft know when you need an update :wink:

No, it is just the “Automatic update check”. You can deactivate this and SlySoft product wont go online.

oh ok whatever you say :wink: Do you have a software firewall? Uncheck it and see if it doesn’t call home anyway. Put it on several machines and see if you get black listed without a firewall.

I have a license for CloneCD,AnyDVD,and CloneDVD2. Also i have a license for Fab Platinum.

so techically you can put it on as many of your computers as you want and can’t get caught it is just more of a consience thing. i think if you buy software you should be able to put it on all your computers. i don’t share anything with my friends or limewire etc.

anybody know the answer to my question right above this post?

The license is for 1 pc…but yes you can put it on more than 1 if you only use them for yourself 1 at a time so i’ve read.

Each computer has it’s own ID and that is what it checks in the reg when you do an update. I think you can put it on more than one computer but don’t think you will be able to update them as it checks the reg. If you stop to think about it, a person could sell or give the program to all his friends if that was the case thus depriving the author of his return for developing the program. And your statement ( can’t get caught ) sure sounds like you want to do something not right :slight_smile:

I do have my registered copy on both my PC and my Laptop, I’ll never be using both at same time, so I feel it’s OK. My judgment? Both will check and update fine. I’ve given the trial version to many friends and they are told that they will have to purchase the key. As with any software, let your conscience be your guide

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Ok, I’m not a rep for Fengtao, but I have read this in the past.
I believe Fengtao has said (same as James has said on the AnyDVD forum):

If you own the software and the pcs you are installing the software on…and you agree not to run the programs simultaneously,
this is ok per Fengtao.

And yes, the program(s) will have no trouble running and updating… :wink: