Using omnipatcher with Sony DRU-810A

lost most control of my fingers so pleaqe bear with me, it hurts like hell 2 type.
can we use omniptcher with the sony dru-810a? id like 2 add 6x to verbatim DVD+R DL media. the review here thy can get a clean burn of the verbarim media at 8x, since i cn not i’d like2 at least try 6x but nero has no 6x for thes media i hops from 8x down to 4x…
nd if omnipstcher can be used with the sony dru-810a , how
and howdo we get omnipatcher to recognize the latest firmware for modification in omnipatcher.

wht do i need 2 accomplish this feat?
any help is appreciated.

the 810a is a benq rebadge, it’s firmware will never work with omnipatcher.
you can crossflash it to a benq dw1640 and use QSuite for scanning with nero cd-dvd speed and enable/disable WOPC, SolidBurn and Overspeed.
you can modify the firmware with MediaCodeSpeedEdit (MCSE).

by crossflashing you will lose warranty, but it’s worth it.
look into the benq forum for infos on crossflashing.

get MCSE here:

thats sad, this drive had qte a review here so i wasnted it as per revire = butning DVD+R DL at 25 min snd such. guess i will takea look at the benq stuff.
istill have a new lite-on shw-160p6s i havent tested yet…

thanks very much