Using no cd

Hello, I am new to cdfreaks so please take it easy on me…lol…I am wanting to run a program C & C generals with out a cd in the drive. I tried a program called circle virtual cd, made an image of the disk 1 of the program; and tried it, it initated the program briefly , and then sent up the message “please insert disk 1 into the drive”. It appeared to have imaged the disk just as the original, but must be some hiding stuff. I was wondering if someone could guide me to the right software and use of it to run this game successfully without always having to insert the cd? It is so annoying that I payed good money for this but am unable to protect it for future use cause of conditions put on it!


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You could try Game Jackal, which has a free 21-day trial.

hello, again…I downloaded the jackal program…ran it, created a new image within the program. The program was even specific to the game I want to run (C&C Genereals). Tried it and it didn’t work either, it comes up with “encountered an error” send or don’t send. So I followed a few links it had, to a program called protectionid, however I don’t know how to use this program in conjunction with the jackal program. So I guess I am still looking for guidance.