Using New Version 1.1.1. - Mulholland Drive - sorry but disappointed with quality

Hi all,

I have the newest version 1.1.1. and have just tried the full movie option for Mulholland Drive.

I have to say I am very disappointed with this one as there is much blockiness and pixellation. At first I thought it was just affectng the intro to the movie, but unfortunately it is right through movie. It most affects dark scenes (which there are a few of in the opening scenes of the movie) but even in the light scenes the picture is not crystal clear.

Maybe someone else could burn this movie and give their opinion.

Would be very interested to hear of comparisons.

I also have DVD95COPY and burning that now to compare the two.

I would really prefer to use DVD2ONE due to much speedier time and if possible would like to burn all the contents not just the movie.

Anyone care to comment on the above?


I have gotten excellent results with all DVDs I’ve tried.

Did you remove additional subtitles and audio tracks with IfoEdit prior to using DVD2One?

I’ve done multi-episode DVDs, and multi-PGC DVDs which all look amazing.

DVD2One is so much quicker than the “old school” methods I’ve been using for the last year.

This app rocks!


Thanks for replying.

I will look into Ifoedit…and see if that helps. Good to hear you have had success.


The guys here have already written guides for this.

If you want me to, let me know and I’ll put a walk thru together with pics.

2sweet - It would be great if you could post a guide with pics as well.

I look forward to it and thanks so much.

Much appreciated.



Here’s a guide I VERY quickly threw together for you.

CLICK HERE to take a look at it.

I have never had a problem with quality or file sizes. I actually like this tool better than “other” easy copy solutions that are out right now. You may find that the DVD extras are of lesser quality than the movie, but they still ook pretty decent - than main movie or episodes ALWAYS turn out amazing.

Let me know if I can help,


Thanks again 2sweet.

I am just buring Peter Pan with DVD2ONE. I checked my Mulholland copy and guess what. It is the same quality using DVD2ONE or DVD95COPY. I then checked the original DVD. It also has the artefacts on it…looks like quite a grainy DVD…and am wondering if this is some special effect the Director, David Lynch, wanted to use.

So, I think my two burnt copies are pretty close to the original DVD…so perahps this movie was not a good choice to test out my first try at DVD2ONE full movie version 1.1.1.

I have printed your guide to using IFOedit in addition to DVD2ONE and will try and do this with a later burn.

Thanks so much for your help.

You are right the speed of DVD2ONE is pretty amazing.


Ah, David Lynch. He is known for using some rather “unique” approaches to film making. Mostly, adding a lot of grain to the film or using slow motion effects during action or violent scenes.

Added grain often looks terrible once a film is converted to DVD. Minority Report is an example of this (although not directed by David Lynch). What looks good on the big screen often is an eye sore on DVD.

Let me know how Peter Pan goes.



Slightly off topic, but what did you think of Mulholland Drive?
The first time I saw it I stared at the screen in disbelief. Then I got up and went and stared in a mirror in disbelief. Then I switched it off, reasoning that if I had that much spare time, I’d rather take out my own appendix.
Then it started to niggle away at the back of my mind. So, I switched on and watched it again…
I now rate it as one of the most interesting and stimulating films in my collection. Remarkable, since at first I really did consider it pretentious nonsense…


Hi Pete,

Well I have not watched it yet, can you believe? My 19 yo son has been asking me to watch it so I can explain what it all meant. I’ve been busy burning this weekend and will try and watch it sometime this week.

Glad it had you intrigued - I like thinking movies (what did you think of Vanilla Sky?). I have also burned a copy of this film in it’s original Spanish version which translated means “Open Your Eyes”. Funnily enough Penelope Cruz also starts in this version.

So I have a couple of goodies to check out this week.

BTW, I suppose I should mention Memento (starring Aussie Guy Pierce) - another thought grabber.

Bye for now.


P.S. I suppose I should ask whether you found the DVD of Mulholland Drive blocky and grainy.

Hi again.

Peter Pan burned without a hitch. All up took around 75 mins from DVD Decrypter/DVD2ONE 1.1.1. full movie (which includes burning with Copy2dvd).

So looks like DVD2ONE is a winner for me, even without the IFOEDIT.


Being that this is my first post on this forum, I’d like to thank all involved for the amount of information that is provided. Much thanks to 2sweet for the guide.

I couldn’t resist weighing in on this movie. One of my favorites. Very challenging but well worth it. The DVD is lacking in any extras worth speaking of. There are subtitles and dts audio but that’s it. Nothing that DVD20ne can’t handle on it’s own in movie only mode. No need for IFOedit here. Hell, there aren’t even chapters which is frustrating for a 2:26 hr movie that you have to see again to appreciate. But that’s David Lynch for you.

The dvd does have a grainy quality to it, especially at the beginning. I haven’t tried copying it using DVD2one yet, I will but I doubt there will be any noticeable difference. I could be wrong but I was amazed when I backed up Auto Focus(6.95 gb) using Full Disk mode and could not tell the original from the copy.

As far as the movie goes, it really messes with your head. Kind of like waking up with a bad hangover and trying to figure out how you got there. Some people don’t get it. There are lengthy discussions at IMDB that go deep into what the real story is.


I suppose I should ask whether you found the DVD of Mulholland Drive blocky and grainy

I suppose I should know. The trouble is I’m usually too pre-occupied crawling around on my hands and knees looking for my brain.:wink:
Thanks for the other tips. I do have Vanilla Sky. Mulholland Drive is of the same stamp - the way labradors and rottweilers are both dogs… I’ll look out for Memento.


Welcome aboard!


Thanks for your contributions. This is exactly the sort of stuff we want to see on the forum.


DVD95copy just does the best job. dvd2one does not compare perhaps because it is faster. It’s too bad. I started with dvd xcopy which I thought was great then dvd2one which was much better than the 2 dvd approach of dxc but know I use dvd95c because I get the whole dvd on 1 dvd and the quality of the movie is better than dvd2one. But dvd95copy does take 2-2.5 hours on my 900 mhz pc to process but it is worth it. dvd2one takes 30 minutes and IC takes 5-6 hours.

Perhaps, but make sure you’re comparing like with like.

DVD2One compresses everything on the DVD by the same amount. DVD95Copy allows you to set different compression factors for the main movie and the extras. If you take DVD95Copy’s defaults, it really jumps up and down on the extras. This naturally leaves more room for the movie - probably much more room than DVD2One allows. So, since they both use similar algorithms, the quality of DVD95Copy’s main movie is likely to be better. Conversely, DVD2One’s extras will have higher quality. (InstantCopy refines this even further and allows you to set compression factors on a title by title basis. InstantCopy is also said to spend much more time on video evaluation, hence its considerably longer processing).

The extent to which this makes any discernible difference varies from DVD to DVD and the relative sizes of movie to extras.

Only you can decide what’s most important for you.


So did anyone actually ever make a decent back-up copy of Mulholland Drive? This is one gargantuan movie file… 722Gb stripped! I couldn’t even get Grey Zone (only 6.59Gb stripped) to look good with either DVD21 or IC7… DVD21 kept cycling in and out of ‘focus’ and in IC everyone had ‘blotchy skin tones’ (ie. pixellated). I finally decided to just make a 1:1 copy split over 2 DVDs. However I’m having a lot of difficulty trying this “split 1:1 copy thing” on Mulholland Drive… in fact that’s what brought me to this thread… can anybody help?

I made this as a split, too.

But, when I made it there wasn’t the likes of DVD2One available. It was roll your sleeves up and reach for IFOEdit.:wink:

I don’t know how I’d do it now. All I remember about the technicalities of the movie is that there were no chapter points and so no convenient place to split it. I suspect I used the layer break point.

If you want to investigate doing it that way, there’re loads of tutorials on the web. You’ll most probably find what you need on Doom - or maybe even one of our readers will chip in with some tips?

Good luck!


I had ‘stripped’ and ‘split’ the movie with IfoEdit yesterday but was having ‘chapter read’ errors and that’s why I went ‘searching’ for help… well, tonight I decided to run each Disc through DVD21 and since each Disc was under 4.3Gb it copied them 1:1 AND it fixed the ‘chapter read’ error problem! Another use for DVD21… BTW, I have used DVD21 to fix navigation errors created in IC7… its amazing how everything that’s put through DVD21 will always play in all my DVD drives and stand-alone players.