Using NeroCom with C#

Hi everybody

i want to use NeroCom to burn data in my c# project.
i have some questions about how to do it:

  1. do i have to create ISO image before burning order or it’s doing automatically?

  2. which method in NeroDrive do i need to use for burning data?

  3. i want to do an incremental burn (burn time after time into same CD / DVD without closing it). can i do it and how can i do it?

1 i dont know if i undurstend first question but i think the answer is no. You don’t need to create image you can burn direct to CD.

2 You need to create ISOTrack and burn it with NeroDrive.BurnIsoAudioCD();

3 You have to burn multisessios
General what you shoul do for multisessios (for CDs)

1You should ask for a NeroDrive.CDInfo to see if the disc is empty or not (handle OnDoneCDInfo).
2If not empty, you should import a track using NeroDrive.ImportIsoTrack (handle OnDoneImport or OnDoneImport2).
3You should now create a NeroISOTrack object and add to it whatever folder hierarchy you want and optionally add the imported folder structure.
4Finally, you should call BurnIsoAudioCD.

For DVD is a litle diferent becouse you need virtual multisession.
For DVD multisession se this thread

Thank you “gapilazo” for your advices!

I’ll use them and i’ll write hear about my success

Do you have success??

I want to create *.iso wiht C#, too.


for creating *.iso you don’t need to use Nero!
Get into and download (its free) “”.
You’ll find in this pocket exe file named “mkisofs.exe” and you should use it for creating ISO files by using “Process” object in C#.

Have luck :slight_smile:

(if you find some problems - write to me)