Using NeroCmd and file list

Is it possible to use NeroCmd and have a list of files (data) that are to be burned on a CD?

Todd Cary

Yes, just append as many files as you need (wildcards supported) to your desired command line.

Could you please give me an example of the syntax?


For instance, you can use the following command line to burn two files whose names are known and all files that match the wildcard search.

  --write --real --drivename "image recorder"
  --no_user_interaction --output_image test.nrg
  --iso test [b]autoexec.bat config.sys c:\windows\*.dll[/b]

Many thanks!

I am using Nero 5.5 and NeroCmd indicates that I need 6.0. Was there a version of NeroCmd for 5.5?