Using Nero9 to burn home video clips to DVD. DVDplayer says bad disc

Hi. I was using nero7 ultra to burn my home videos to DVD with no problem. Upgraded to Nero9 to burn same videos, and now same DVD player says bad disc? Would appreciate any help.

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It seems a typical problem caused by a bad burned disc. most of times, this problem is caused by a low quality disc or by a wrong burning speed.

What discs are you using? What burner/firmware? At what speed are burning these discs?

Hi All, thank-you very much for your advice. Have changed burn speed to x4, and other settings such as Pal - send to image recorder etc. From nero 7 ultra could burn files from the same final page. Using nero 9 found that i have to save project on my hard drive and burn from there using nero burn rom. Had a successful burn to DVD last night (at last) Thanku very much; and keep up the great work.:iagree: