Using Nero


I’m trying to burn a divx movie on a 32x speed cd-r.
What should I use in Nero, creating a videocd or creating a data cd?
I found out that when writing a divx movie on 40x (wich was no problem according to the info software that came with nero) there were a lot of errors (between 70 and 190) on the disk when i ran the quality check of CDSPEED.

Is that a real problem and does the higher write speed have anything to do with this? (i burned them as a data cd btw on 40x while the cd’s themselves are 32 Tayo)


If you want to use them as DivX, burn them as datacds. If you want to play them on an stand-alone dvd-player, use videocd. That way the divx-movie will be converted to a mpeg movie. About your question concerning the cd-r and what speed to write them. Check out the CD-R(W) Media forum. All the info is there. Also if you need info about burning divx, use the search. Similar questions have been asked before :slight_smile: