Using nero to split up audio files

what is the best way to split an audio files into multiple audio files. i have 1 file with over 100 songs. i only want about 10 song out of the 100. so, i want to split the huge files of 100 songs into 10 files, each with 1 songs.

what is the best way of doing this?

is it possilbe to do this using nero?

i’m able to split the songs up in nero, but nero only allow me to burn the file rather than let me save it back into my hard drive. i want to edit the title, genre, etc., before i burn it into a cd.

try looking for a program called “cool mp3 splitter” this program splits up mp3s in to time segments, you can choose to have each piece of the large mp3 split into even lengthed parts or you can choose the exact time position of each of the cuttings. Another program you should look for is “mp3 direct cut” which uses cue sheets to slplit large mp3s.
If neither of these are what you are looking for you could use a professional audio editor like wavelab or sound forge

hope this helps, elred

would you happen to have a direct link to download the “cool mp3 splitter” or “mp3 direct cut”?