Using Nero to burn mini-dv camcorder files

I’ve downloaded the trial version of Nero7 Ultra Edition Enhanced wanting to make DVD’s of the camcorder video.
I am unable to do it.
No matter what I try with this program, I am unable to burn this type of DVD.
I’m new to this but, I realize that the camcorder video files are not in the proper format for DVD burning. I’m under the impression that this Nero program is suppose to convert files into the proper format?
However, using the same files, I am able to make a SCVD, data DVD and a Nero Digital DVD. These only play on my computer not my television DVD player.
Using a firewire, I use Nero to capture the camcorder video. Once that’s done, I follow the Nero directions. Everything seems to be working properly right up to the -writing lead-in- part. At this point, everything comes to a stop. The program freezes and I have to restart the computer.
I’ve tried capturing the video using the DV, DVD, AVI and MPEG templates but, end up with the same result.
Any help with this matter would be appreciated.

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At Nero Startsmart, have you selected "make your own DVD-Video and that it opens with Nero Vision4?

Yes, I have tried that method as well.
Thanks for the welcome.

What format are your files in?

I think they are NVE capture MPEG movie. At least that’s how they are shown from one of the capture attempts I’ve tried.

After you select “make your own DVD-Video and that it opens with Nero Vision4”, select [B]“add video files”.[/B] These would be the video files you already captured using your firewire connection.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve tried that. I’ve tried so many things trying to burn the files that I can’t remember what happened when I tried to pick the files I just downloaded!
If I remember, you only have so many options as to what files to add. I think I have choosen all file types available over each attempt. Have you used Nero trying to do what I’m trying to do?

Yes, I’ve done this many times. If the file format and the integrity of the captured file is valid, Nero will add it to your project. Your settings should look like the screen shot where you have allowed Nero to make the selection.

Using the method you suggested about Nero Start Smart and create your own DVD-Video, I think the problem that I had there was that it would only let you add DVD files. I couldn’t add any because the files downloaded from the camcorder were not in DVD format. I think I even tired to use Nero Recode on these files but, wasn’t able to do it.
Unfortunately at this time I have no files saved to the hard drive. Out of frustration, I’ve dumped all the files I was working with.

Okay, that’s pretty impressive what you just sent me! Looks like I finally might have found someone who might be able to help.
Is there any way, I can get back in touch with you at a later time? I want to try the process all over again and I would record what happened and let you know.

Ouch (you wiped them out - always save them).

PaulF, Nero has a lot of supporters but it also has many who dislike it (and they have some valid points). There are a number of tutorials available on the Nero website.

I would not give up.

Try to get a file on your hard drive, go to Nero StartSmart, select “make your own dvd-video”, add video files (these are the files you captured) and follow the rest of the prompts for your project.

You have approximately 30 minutes to EDIT a post. You do not need to make a new post when what you really want to do is edit it.

I usually log on each day but there are many many people, especially in the Nero forum who would be happy to help you. You can also use PM (private messaging) to contact users.

Alright. Just one last question for you. What template option do you use when capturing the video from the camcorder with the firewire? Maybe,I’m using the wrong one.
And yes, I’ll keep trying. It’s gotten to that point where either I prevail or the computer goes out the window.
Just kidding.
Thanks for you responses and the link.

I have no idea what your options are but I’d recommend the default option if it suggests one. You do not need to capture 2 hours worth to see if you like the results. Capture 3 minutes, open the file in whatever program you have available (PowerDVD, Windows Media Player, Nero Showtime etc.) and see if you like the results. If you want to, fine tune it by adjusting settings which might give you better resolution and recapture. Then, go to Nero and create your project.

Sorry, I should have indicated that I was refering to using the Nero Capture option with the firewire when capturing the video. It defaults to a DV template but there are also DVD, AVI and MPEG template format options.

I don’t have any devices I can capture from so I can’t see the options you have and I just looked in Nero to confirm this.

NeroVision4 supports DV, AVI & MPEG so you are set to go with whichever format you choose for your capture. Honestly, I don’t know if you will be able to see an appreciable difference during playback on a basic TV.

Why not capture 1 minutes worth of video in each format and play them back in a player.

I’ll give that a try.
Have a good day.

We never got to it but make sure you use good media for your burn (many people recommend Verbatim as it is usually available locally and is often on sale).

After dumping and reinstalling the trial version of Nero 7 UE, I attempted 4 more times to burn some of my mini-dv camcorder video files to a blank Sony DVD-RW. Each attempt ended in failure.
I then installed a trial third party file converting/burn program. Was able to burn the files I wanted to onto the same blank DVD disc with no problems at all.
With those same saved third party converted files, I then tried once again with Nero. Using Nero Vision, I added the saved converted files, followed the Nero steps and was able to burn a DVD with these files.The DVD’s created with the third party program itself and with Nero,when using the third party saved files, work with my television DVD player.
I’m beginning to think that this trial version of Nero is unable to convert my downloaded video files properly in order to burn a DVD. I’m going to try and attach the log files of two burn attempts with this post. One is of an unsuccessful burn and the other, the successful using the saved third party converted files.
Maybe someone who reads this, knows what they are looking at and can pick out something that will explain why Nero itself can’t burn the video files unless they are converted using another converting program.

AVI File Burn Failure.txt (52.5 KB)

Successful Burn Using Third Party File Converter Program.txt (52.2 KB)