Using Nero Not enough space on Disk

I have multiple 700 MB disks and one is not enough for the files. How can I use multiple disks for a set of information without singling out each individual file?

whats the file formatt and what are you trying to accomplish

They are .bin and .cue files, I am trying to burn a game.

games some times dont work with nero becaus of the cd data…alcohol 120 for games

I don’t think its a problem with Nero, it’s just the disks don’t have enough space for the 750 MB file, I need to know how to burn it onto multiple cds

nero does not offer a splitt for burn ops as alcohol offers a multiple opps for splitt size

Thanks, where can I acquire this program?

well…thats a tricky question… are you up on p2p

do to the rules of this forum I can only sugest to serch…

So I can use like Kazaa?

I would seguest torrent

Ok thanks

where to acquire alcohol is not a tricky question. it’s available at

bin and cue files are images of discs. what do you mean they wont fit on one disc? what did you use to create the images that they don’t fit onto the appropriate media?

if you made a copy of a dvd game you have to copy it to a dvd. if you made a copy of a cd game you have to copy it to a cd.

he obviosly downloaded the bin & cue

tricky depends on the motive !!! & intent

considering this forum deals with legal motives and intent the answer is still

touche !!! you are correct !!!

If they are burnt as bin/cue there is enough space on 700mb discs!
Besides, please accept and follow the forum rules you have agreed to already.