Using Nero Burning Engine



I have a stack of Region 2 / PAL discs that I bought when I lived in Europe that I want to convert to Region 1 / NTSC format. DVDFab does a great job with the RCE coding, but it does not do the PAL / NTSC conversion. I have a copy of Nero Suite (version 6) and it will do the NTSC conversion.

Does anybody know if I can configure Nero to do the conversion step if step up DVDFab to burn with the Nero engine? To me it looks like the NTSC conversion is not the default in Nero Burn ROM and that I have to go through the Vision application.


Many of today’s players support both PAL and NTSC, I’m guessing yours doesn’t…Soo, try this, not easy for beginners.
To convert PAL to NTSC, download the program VobBlanker . Rip your movie to the hard drive with DVD decrypter. Then open your newly ripped files with VobBlanker. Under the title set block (center of program window), you’ll see your VOB files. The center column says “video format”. If you right click on the VOB’s you want to convert, then select “video attributes”, you’ll see a new window pop up. In this window, you can change the “standard” from PAL to NTSC and vice versa. You can even change the resolution in this window.

Do the above, then select or make a new output folder. Click on “process” at the bottom and let the conversion begin. You can then use DVD shrink or any other compression/burning program of your choice to burn your newly converted NTSC or PAL dvd (whichever you chose to convert to).
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You could also create one large VOB with DVDDecrypter or Shrink and open VOB with FAVC,and choose NTSC output…Or You could easily use Convertx2DVD…You could also try other tools which require demuxing>re-encoding> applying 3:2 pulldown to convert from PAL to NTSC> Re-authoring>burn… however I’m not sure this method is for you at this stage,no offense!..
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