Using Nero 6

When using Nero Express, at the end of burning, it prompts you to save the current project. When you do, it goes to the HD saved in My Music. But, when you want to burn that project again it asks to reinsert the original cd. Is it worth saving each time you burn. Or am doing something wrong? Any help would be helpful.

it is only saving the layout and options that you have chosen if you want to just be able to put in a blank cd and record it without having to do as you just said burn a image to your harddrive and save it as a .iso,nrg,or cue or whatever then you can burn that image whenever you like without much input from you… Saving the project like you have done also does save some time also if you are going to make more of the same disc but do not want to use the space on your drive that a image will take up