Using Napster on more than one computer

I know legally you can have napster on 3 machines…

Here is what I would like to accomplish…

Have my wife download some music at work with Broadband and bring it home to put on my PC.

What I am trying to figure out is what is the best way to do this without having to relicense all the music.


if you just copy the files from the work computer to your home computer how long does the licensing take? that’s really your only option that i can think of, so i’d try a few tracks first and see how it goes. other than that the best thing would be to get broadband at home or Tunebite the tracks at work, but that’ll get to be a lot of things going on at work. another thought, what if you download the tracks with napster at her work to a removeable hard drive and just bring that home. if napster runs from the same drive and the licenses are on it, too, maybe they’ll play fine when the hard drive is connect to your home computer. but maybe not. if you have a portable hard drive or HDD mp3 player its worth a shot.