Using my monitor as tv? HELP

I have a 24 inches monitor and i want to use it as my tv, i wanna hook it up with my cable box. my monitor has vga, dvi and hdmi but my cable box its an analog one it just have the audio and video things the white and red one, please help what do i need to hook that up.

That’s the device you would need to convert the video to something that your display can recognize. Quality wise, it pretty much sucks.

Get a new cable box with a HDMI output from your provider, that’s your best option.

this is very expensive. that is the only way. how do i use that. how do i put my monitor with my cable box with that adapter. please explain. thanks

Truth be told, for what you are trying to do, that adapter is very cheap. I recognize that budget is a concern, that is why I suggested getting a new cable box, that is your best choice.

As far as how it works, it’s pretty simple. Plug the cables from your cable box into the adapter. Plug a cable from your display into the adapter. The adapter does everything else.

Again, it’s going to look like crap, so really, get a new cable box.

I got one of these which can tune unscrambled digital cable channels and has a VGA output. It does Hi-Def on the local channels, although I’ve not got it hooked to my VGA monitor at the moment, rather I’m using it in composite mode in the bedroom.