Using MP3 Gain

Hi folks. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. Lots of neat changes and info.
I burn a lot of MP3’s.
I just discovered there is a Program from “Sourceforge” called “MP3 Gain”.
It is a program that makes the volume to various MP3’s you burn to a Disc at the same level of sound. For so long “Normalization” has not worked on making the sound levels the same on these songs.
Is there anyone out there who has used it and has knowledge of it? I’ve used it a couple times and it works pretty well. However, I have a few questions on it.
Help is listed on the Program, but I have never received a response.
Also, if there is another program similar, I would appreciate hearing of it.

Welcome back to the forums ptfitzy. Since this is entirely an audio question, I’m going to move your question to the Audio forum here at MyCE. You should get more informed answers there.

I can personally say that MP3 Gain works and works well. I use it on folders of MP3s before I burn an MP3 CD for my truck. Googling ‘mp3 gain guide’ leads to some pretty good info and there is likely a WikiPedia article about it too.

I have to agree with our good friend olyteddy…Nice proggy/tool…
That said, this should be of interest to the OP, or anyone for that matter, regarding MP3 Gain…Since Mp3 Gain uses the Replay Gain algorithm…SW players such as foobar2k, Winamp, MediaMonkey etc. support Replay Gain…

Thanks so much.