Using MKTFLASH with USB2 40125S

I have a 40125S in an IDE to USB2 enclosure. I can flash it using the firmware from the LiteOn site and already done so with version J. MKTFLASH requires a parameter to indicate the IDE channel and slave/master state. But what do you use for USB2?

Or can I just flash it with the 48X firmware from LiteOn’s site?

mtkflash will not work with usb devices

You may try to use the official windows flasher, if that do not work you have to take the drive out of the usb case and connect it to the normal ide controller to flash it.

Thanks. I was afraid of that

Of the LiteOn official drives, should I use the firmware for the 48125W or 48126S? Or does it make a difference?

If you wantr to overclock use firmware form the LTR-48125W.

The LTR-48126 is not even released yet.

Another option would be to hex edit the windows flasher. :cool: