Using Memorex 16X media with a Sony DW-D22A Burner

I have a Sony DW-D22A Burner and it does not appear to work with Using Memorex 16X media (of which I purchased a 100 unit spindle).
Is there a driver update for this Sony Burner that will allow me to use this media?

Any help would be appreciated.

Avoid Memorex media. :eek:

I have used this media before without problems (8X), but what media do you suggest?

Do you know where I could get a driver to work with this Memorex 16X media?

honestly, you have no way of knowing if you’ve used this media before.

memorex outsources to whatever company is cheapest. none of that media is made by MEMOREX. It’s likely that you’ve been lucky and scored some mediocre quality media in the past and have now gotten a spindle from a crappy manufacturer.

you can verify this by checking the media ID code on different batches of memorex media (id code can be found on the disc info tab of nero cd-dvd speed) or by doing a search for memorex on media.

the most recommended and reliable media as viewed by this forum is Taiyo Yuden ( or 8x SONY and FUJI DVD+Rs that are MADE IN JAPAN) or Verbatim Media (all are MCC media IDs except the pearl white line)

…Or Maxell-branded (MAXELL002) 8x media, but make sure it says Made in Japan, and avoid the ones in shrinkwrapped packaging (those tend to be Ritek R03 discs, in my experience). We don’t get the Sony or Fuji MIJ media that I’ve seen here in the UK :sad:


Edit: the latest firmware for your Sony burner might just help with support of the Memorex-branded media if you really don’t want to waste it, but personally, I’d pass it on to someone whose burner likes it!

ehh, now we’re getting into a gray area. i think people might argue about whether maxell is quality media…I’ll certainly argue that.

in the grand scheme of things, it’s certainly better than memorex, but it doesn’t burn nearly as well as TYs on my burner.

OK, I will look at getting one of these other medias.

The Memorex 16x media I do have, did state I may need to get an updated driver to burn them. Is this worth while doing, or do you suggest I scrap the blank media I have?

Hehe, grey area is right…they burn as well as my TY T02’s on both my burners, but there are so many things you need to look out for with Maxell to make sure you get the “good” stuff.

I think it maybe depends on what your burner likes, as I said, all mine tend to love the stuff with the MAXELL002 MID!

A lot of the time, Maxell stuff tends to be Ritek-made, which as DVD goes, is crap (IMO, of course).



Personally, I’d scrap the Memorex!

you probably mean updated firmware.

and its always a good idea to keee your firmware up to date as the drive manufacturer will add support for newer/faster media.

check the manufacturer’s website for firmware updates for your drive. I’d also recommend browsing around the cdfreaks firmware subforum before flashing your firmware to get some tips and warnings about the process.

We all know Memorex isn’t always great, but no one suggested a firmware update? Geez.

The Sony DW-D22A is a Lite-On SOHW-1633S, see the Lite-On forum about crossflashing it to the latest firmware from Lite-On, which would be BS0Y, from here.

I sort of did…I said it might help, LOL…so that’s almost a recommendation to update firmware! :bigsmile:

I even went hunting for some for the OP, but silly me, I was looking for Sony updates - couldn’t find a thing!

while this might be a good solution, i would NEVER suggest CROSSflashing especially to a newbie without first mentioning that it totally voids your warranty, and if you screw up you might end up with a dead drive.

I guess so, but (1) you can always flash back, (2) it isn’t a difficult process at all, and (3) Lite-Ons are the most recoverable after a bad flash, I do believe.

Not true, as for most drives.

I dunno, but while I agree with reasonsnotrules’ logic re: a newbie and crossflashing, you can pick up a new liteon for $40…probably less cost than the memorex spindle. Also, IMHO, and I don’t mean to start a war, but liteons tend to be very recoverable…own 3 burners and 1 standalone and have flashed back on 2 of the burners, one multiple times, without any problems…but maybe I’ve just been lucky…?

There is also the possibility that, while the OP may be new on this site, he/she may well have flashed the odd drive before…I only joined in something like November last year, but I think I flashed my first drive years back!

Just another spanner in the works, please don’t hit me :bigsmile:

Oh…and ditto re: the memorex, definitely steer clear. While you have been lucky in the past, you will definitely be unlucky at some point.

Definitely :iagree:

this just means you’ve correctly flashed your burners multiple times. you’re not lucky, you’re doing things right!

I’m talking about if a newbie screws up a crossflash, they’re stuck. It’s not easy to recover a drive that’s been incorrectly flashed (although in some cases it is possible, the process is always rather complicated, especially for a newbie), and regardless of how cheap a new drive is, you’re out that $40 plus the time to install.

not to mention, if I ever screwed up my BenQ1640 I’d be so mad since I can’t find another ANYWHERE anymore.

Flashing my Drive from what I have learned above and the web:
I was going to flash my drive as suggested and have found the following details to do so:
I went to and downloaded the LtnFW.exe program and installed it.

I went to and got the following firmware for a Sony DRU-710A: BYX5 - patched - crossflashing, multi-colored LED (for 1213S1613S, 1653S, etc.).

When I run the Flash Tool (LtnFW), and choose “Upade”, it is looking for a binary file and the firmware I donloaded, “BYX5” is not a binary file. what am I missing?