Using MCSE to change some 8X +R write strategies of TS-H552U

I have selected three 8X +R write strategies to test with:

  1. YUDEN000T02
  2. MCC 003
    Attached with this post are the CDSpeed and K-Probe scans on burns for 1 (Fuji brand) and 2 (Verbatim brand) using the US07 stock firmware. I do not have any media for 3.

I have chosen to change the write strategies of the following media because the burned results using the stock firmware are not that good. These media are :
CMC MAG E01 Memorex brand
DAXON AZ2 BenQ brand
MAXELL 002 Maxell brand
MBIPG101 R04 Memorex brand
PRODISC R03 Memorex brand
RITEK R03 Maxell brand

I used ala42’s MCSE :bow: to switch each mid to the 3 selected write strategies and post the best result out of the 3. Each chosen resulting mid comes with 5 scans. First one is either a CDSpeed scan or Kprobe of a burn using the stock fw (US06 or US07). Second is the write graph of the modified media. Third is the TRT using the ND3550A. Fourth is the BenQ scan and fifth is the KProbe. The results start with the next post.

Memorex brand 8X +R : CMC MAG E01 @ MCC 003 burned at 8X

BenQ brand 8X +R: DAXON AZ2 @ RICOHJPN R02 burned at 8X

Maxell brand 8X +R : MAXELL 002 @ MCC 003 burned at 8X

Memorex brand 8X +R : MBIPG101 R04 @ YUDEN000T02 burned at 8X

Memorex brand 8X +R : PRODISC R03 @ YUDEN000T02 burned at 8X
The stock fw result is actually ok. But the modified result is even better.

Maxell brand 8X +R : RITEK R03 @ MCC 003 burned at 8X

Great Test :). It is a bit shocking that the stock strategies give you such horrible results while the TY, Ricoh and MCC strategies work fine. One could get the impression that Samsung did not really test the strategies of the smaller brands.

Thanks for your comments, ala42. Credit has to go to your MCSE :bow: . Without it, my Samsung would have been in the bin long time ago. I am still contemplating tests on -R media with the 552U. It will be more challenging as there aren’t that many good 8X -R writing stategies in the Samsung firmware. Fortunately, overspeeding is possible with the -R.