Using Lite-ON CD-rw with win2000 prob

Hi, I’ve been using various burners on windows xp for a while now with no problems at all…

But, my boss asked me to retrieve some data off his old computer for him… easy I thought but no… When I try to burn the data to a lite-on 48-12-48 I get a write protect error (I’m trying to use memorex CD-rw) running windows 2000 (with latest updates). I’m stumped pls can someone help me out of this mess ASAP???

THanks in advance…

Ghost of 1980

P.s. I hope this hasn’t come up before… I tried search 1st but couldn’t find any problem like it!?!

I’m not a hundred percent sure but if you are using Nero for burning onto disk the problem might be burning writes, if you are not the administrator, or your not a member of the user right group, try these and see what happens

I’m admin… using Instand cd/dvd.

I’ve tried backing-up the files as a data disk and also just “dumping” them direct onto the cd-rw drive, both come up with same problem… it’s as if Windows 2000 thinks that the drive is a cd-rom!?! Any further ideas??

Have you tried interigating the disk using something like nero to see what the disk is really calling itself sometimes cd-rw’s screw up and have to be formated again

Just tried formatting the disk with instant write… no go causes an error… c above referrring to windows 2000… :frowning: