Using LITE-ON Booktype Utility?



my cousin just bought the SOHW - 1673S dvd burner. i have no experience with lite-on drives, as i am a pioneer user. now, with the Booktype Utility, once you have set it to DVD-ROM do you leave it open while u burn your dvd ? i am assuming u do, but then…?


once set with the Lite-on utility, the setting is written in the eeprom and permenant (i believe). When you did the procedure it should have said something similar to that.


thanx. but as i assumed, the utility must be left open while u burn. see guide @


nope, just set it and forget it :slight_smile: kinda like the ron co rotisory cooker lol


Once it is set, you don’t bother any more.
If some day you want to set it back to +R, then you will need to set it back.
Even if you flash your drive with a new firmware it will remain set to dvd-rom!


ok, thanks guys