Using Light Scribe Feature - First Timer


I created a DVD using Microsoft MovieMaker to capture, edit and save (finish) a video project in an avi file. I then burned a DVD using Power Producer Software that came with my LG DVD burner. So far, so good.

Now I want to add a label to the DVD. I purchased a burner with Light Scribe capabilities. But there are no visible instruction on how to do this (so much for “everything you need is in the box” per the Best Buy salesperson).

I have no idea how to add a label. Can someone tell me how to do this, or direct me to a simple set of instructions to get this done?

At a minimum, I want to add a label. I prefer to add an image (from a jpeg) with words superimposed. But if the latter is too complicated or not possible, then a word label will work just fine



Welcom to this forum of CDFreaks, Inorde to be able to do labeling with your drive you need the following :

  1. Nero Berning ROM (or equivalent) burning software
  2. LightScribe program (can be downloade from
  3. LightScribe capabale media
  4. LightScribe capable writer

with all these in hand the process making LightScribe label won’t be that difficult but straight forward.

I’ll transfer this to the CD Freaks’ ‘CD & DVD Printing and Labeling’ section…

Hi fidoman, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

I suggest you read the following thread, especially post #2:

LightScribe - how to get started?

There’s also this guide:

Extreme Guide to LightScribe Labeling

Requirements & Software (page 2)

Performance (page 3)

Final Thoughts & Tips (page 4)

Hi there, this link has most of the useful downloads to get Lightscribe running:
lightscribe webpage linky

First thing is you need to use media that is LightScribe branded (as mentioned by other posters)
Second you need some regular burning software - I know a lot of people use Nero, but I’ve used lightscribe with more basic burning software such as Roxio etc.

Then for free,
download the Lightscribe system software (from the link)
download SureThing 4SE software to make label designs (from the link)
download the extended contrast utility (from the link)

Make your design using the SureThing 4SE package - I usually scan a picture into a graphics package, then convert it to B&W with a very high degree of contrast before opening it in SureThing 4SE. Add text in SureThing and then when you are ready to print, there will be a check box to enable LightScribe.

I always burn twice to get more contrast - I’m using CDs, but people have reported that DVDs don’t give such clean results.