Using laptop for recording audio

I have a dell latitude d600 laptop and i want to record audio using cool edit pro from my decks. The laptop has a headphone jack and a mic input jack, what i was wondering is, can the mic jack double as audio in to enable me to record to the laptop or would i need to get a separate sound card. Any help would be great


The mic jack is probably mono. You’ll need a USB or PCMCIA device for stereo recording (SoundBlaster Audigy is available as both). For a laptop I’d prefer the PCMCIA version, unless you have a fast processor (USB is quite cpu-intensive).

You cant use a mic in because there is a huge input difference in signals. Mic is designed for Microvolts and line-in input usually takes 200-300 millivolts. Of course u can find a signal reducer, but mic input probably got a signal frequency correction as well. So like Cressida said, a good external card is a way to go.

See this thread…You will need one of the USB sound cards with appropriate inputs (stereo RCA in most cases). The mic input is suitable only for low quality audio…/

I’m kind off new to recording from vinyl. I have two Gemini Decks connected to Numark EM-260 Mixer, the mixer has two rca outputs, one is the master output and the other is the record output. Currently the master output is connected to the hi-fi. Would i then connect the record output to the usb sound card to record. Most of my records are recent ones, i.e from 1995 onwards so all 33 or 45 rpm. I will also be using cool edit pro to record them with. I think i will go the usb sound card road, cos using a laptop is much easier than having a full pc beside my setup. One other thing, would i use to same method to record a set from the decks. Your help is greatly appreciated


Try to connect that record output directly to the hi-fi intsead of the master output and if the sound is not distorted frequency-wise, then thats what u use.
BTW u’ll get a cleaner signal if u connect the turntable directly to usb card. But that’ll only work if the turntable got a line output instead of the one that requires further correction.

hi i am tring to get record from my decks to th laptop and when i do it, it just sounds disturbed like crackling in the sound and stop and you cant hear it, am just wondering if some one can help me ???

With Thanks Matty

What the people said in the posts above yours is still pretty much true. You need a sound card to record anything but a microphone with most laptops.

Thanks but what do you mean by a sound card i have a sound card in the laptop. could you please tell me what to do.

With thanks matty