Using Kprobe to check disc compatibility


I’m new to Kprobe but not to burning DVD’s. In an effort to get the most player compatible recordings of movies I make I’ve tried hard to stay with the best hardware and media. I currently use a Plextor 708A (w 1.04 firmware), and TyYu discs.

I thought maybe I could use Kprobe to get some idea about the quality of burns I was getting in this config. I’ve installed the latest version and since Kprobe does not support my Plex. drive, I’ve run the tests in a Liteon DVD ROM drive in the same PC.

I accepted the defaults except for changing the max speed to 4x which seemed to be what the othere posts said I should do.

I’m fuzzy on a couple things:

  1. Does checking a disc with Kprobe in a Liteon ROM drive made with a Plextor burner produce usable data? That is, if it says it’s bad or good reading it in this Liteon ROM drive, is it and should I expect good results on DVD(-r) compatible players? Is this a reasonable test of any kind of external player compatibility?

  2. I never did determine what to look at inside Kprobe after testing in the posts. What I got out of what I read was with ECC=8 (default) I should not have any peaks greater thatn 280 PI… Can someone tell me what to look for to determine if the read is good or bad?

I’ve attempted to attach a sample output.

Thanks for the time to help.


I also tested a Memorex 4x-R Disc, (CMC), which I now know is not a preferred brand. It’s resuts are very different, assuming worse… But again, I’m not sure of the validity of these tests the way I’m doing it…


KProbe was a tool developed by a LiteOn software engineer, thus, it was catered to their drives. Although you specify the maximum read speed of 4X, the DVD-ROM will always read at max speed, whereas a DVD-burner will lock it at 4X. So the results may not be accurate. Try using Nero’s CD-DVD speed test and see if the read graph is linear or not. Check out the LiteOn subforum and read through the stickys on top, as there is a plethora of free tools that you can try and use.

Nevermind, I found the thread:

Answered most questions, I just need to find a different Lite-on drive to test with.

Any recommendations?


Thanks, I just ordered a NEC2510 for burining and a Lite-on SOHW-812S so I can use Kprobe properly (hope that one is OK for it). These 2 brands seem to get more community involvement with firmware hacks for the NEC’s and Kprobe for the Lite-on. If the NEC works out to burn any better, I’ll toss the 708A, or gift it to sibling <smile>.