Using Jhymn



I downloaded this for the first time and was not sure if this would mess up my ability to play my itunes so I deleted where it says /Music/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml and now how do I get it back? I was just going to have it unlock a folder of iTune downloads so I could see if it worked and it didn’t. I redownloaded it again but it Jhymn keeps coming up with it missing, I assume I need it to unlock my iTune music files.

If I can get this back, is all I have to do is click on convert and it will change all my iTune songs to non protected music files? And is there a possibility that it could make my music files unplayable? I just want the ability to take my iTune songs and burn them with another program if I want. Thanks!


It will back up your music.

If I were you I would be worried about getting caught using the program since you are accessing Apple’s servers when you use the program.