Using IMGBURN to burn Folder\Files into CD under 2003

Hi all,

I’m new to Imgburn. I’ve gone thru the guide too.
Would like to know how to burn files inside a folder directly onto a CD under 2003 using only command line (want to automate it using 2003 schedule task).

Is it possible to do so?
Appreciate the knowledge / advice.

Yes it’s possible but you do realise ImgBurn is a GUI app so it’ll still pop up on the screen?

All the CLI stuff is in the ReadMe.txt file that gets installed alongside the program’s exe file.

ok. Frankly i’m looking for a cmd line burning software that can be used on 2003. Imgburn is one but can’t seem to understand it yet. Can it burn (write) files \ folders directly onto a cd without first building it?

Is there other CML software too worth checking out?

It’s not that hard, honest!

Imgburn.exe /mode build /buildmode device /src “c:\folder” /dest “d:\image.iso”

Where exactly are you getting stuck?

I’m trying to burn a sql backup file (*.bak) onto a cd at a daily basis on a 2003 server. I intend to use the 2003 schedule task service to call the command line daily.

In my case, is it that I must first build the backup folder/files into an ISO image first before it can be burn onto a CD?

My only option is opensource / freeware software. No budget at the moment.

All sifus out there, please point me to the right road. Appreciate your feedback.

oops, my bad… that command line was all wrong!

ImgBurn.exe /mode build /buildmode device /src “c:\sqlfile.bak” /dest “d:”

Where D: is the drive letter of your burner (change it where required).

Hi Lightning,

Thanks for the command line. I’ll try it tonight and post again the outcome.