Using IMGBurn to backup data to BD-R DL... windows sees no files after

I’ve burned two discs now for archival purposes and before I waste another DL disc I’d like to sort this out.

Attempt 1: Burn data with IMGBurn in build mode. After I burn the files to the BD-R DL disc, windows simply says to insert disc. Imgburn knows that the disc is 98% full, but I cannot get windows to show a file structure.

Attempt 2: I created an image and loaded with virtual drive and windows sees the files without issue. Then I burn the image to a new disc and get the same thing. Windows does not see the disc.

I assume there is some simple little setting that I don’t have clicked but I don’t want to waste more disks experimenting. I’ve burned AVCHD discs using build mode onto BD-R discs, but those were SL discs. Perhaps it is a Windows/ DL thing?

Which file system did you use and which version of Windows are you using? Windows XP has no support for UDF file system past 2.01, though you can load a set of drivers from Toshiba that allow reading UDF 2.5 in XP.

Though if you’ve made AVCHD disks, those should have been in UDF 2.5, and you say they work ok.

Edit: What brand of DL disks are you using?

Windows 7 Ultimate
Verbat-IMd-000 BD-R DL 50GB (2x 4x 6x)

I’m pretty sure I burned and made the image with UDF 2.5, that’s not a setting I would typically change. The image files from the second attempt is definitely UDF2.5. Virtual drives has files, normal drive does not, both with and without AnyDVD enabled

I just checked disk management and windows does actually see that the disc has data, but thinks the file system is “RAW” with a status of “Healthy”

Have you tried ejecting the disc, rebooting and reinserting?

Windows probably just hasn’t noticed that the contents of the disc have changed.

It is funny that you should ask! AVG has been bothering me to reboot and I keep postponing. Finally I reboot it as I go for breakfast, resulting in a BSOD (odd) and when it comes back up it sees the disc contents just fine… on both discs.

Windows knew the disc had changed, the logo changed and such, as well as disc manager. I guess AVG was stopping it until i rebooted or something.

Anyways the burn seems to be just fine and windows can read once more. Thanks for the help!


Probably AVG kicked in when the drive wanted to renew the cache/drive info.