Using Image Files from archives

Newbie and first post. thank you. I listen to a lot of CDs for background music in my workshop.A lot of my disks were destroyed in the recent hurricane Michael. Most were copies with saved images for quick replacement or if someone got attached to content they wanted to take with thim. The problems is I used Vista /Toshiba Satellites and Toshiba Disk Creator to make copies of the originals and I saved the image files for replenishing and archiving. The laptop has long expired and Toshiba’ DiskCreator will not install on my Windows 10 or my Windows 7 mini. I need a utility that will input .tdi (Toshiba Disk Image) files and burn to disk. I started looking around and there are many to choose from. PowerISO with it’s virtual disk looks like a contender, except for the file size limitation in the trial version. I prefer to stick with the CDs; mainly because of the convenience of virtual CD rom drives and maintaining original playlist as presented by some of the artists. I am open to ideas and suggestions. Thanks