Using Home DVD players with CD-r

I have a very… very newbie question.

I’m about to purchase a DVD player… and I’ve noticed that lots of them say that they are compatible with CD-r. Can someone specify how they mean this? I have tons of cd-rs with mpegs and avi’s and things like that on them. But I’m assuming this does not mean I could play those… or does it?

And if not, what exactly can you play? Just ripped vcds? Sorry to ask such a rookie question… but you guys seemed like the people to ask.

Thanks in advance


If the specs of the DVD player state that it’s compatible with MP3, VCD and SVCD and it is able to read CD-R(W)'s it means that it can read/play all three formats if they’re recorded on a CD-R(W).

The DVD player will not play CD-R’s with AVI’s and MPEGS’s, simply because they’re not in the right format (VCD/SVCD).

You can however convert these files to a (S)VCD with Nero.

Ok so my follow question to this is:

Is there a specific version of Nero I need to get or just the latest one?
and in the conversion to vcd, what happens with files sizes? If I have a 200,000 sized mpeg or avi, will it remain about the same when converted?



searching may give you more specific answers, but im gonna throw my 2 cents in

if you convert to mpeg, expect to get 1 minute of video to 1 minute of audio, i e a 74 minute cd will hold 74 minutes of vcd video/audio. i dont think the version of nero matters so much, just as long as it has vcd capabilities.

also, TMPGenc is the (free) standard for converting. try for tips.

If you need info on what DVD players can play, try here.

Thanks for your help guys… I just discovered this site recently… and this has by far been the most helpful information on the subject I’ve received. Thanks again!