Using HD and SD outputs on Scientific Atlanta HD4200 Box at SAME time?

Question: Can I use my Cable Box’s HD and SD outputs at the SAME time? A longer explanation is below.

First I will explain the components im revolving my question around.

I have a Scientific Atlanta 4200 High Definition Cable Box provided by Cablevision, I have the highest service available from them. This box has a RF in, RF out, Component Out and standard RCA out as well as HDMI.

I have a Polaroid 23 inch Hight Definition Monitor/Television which works greats; the box says its 1080i but 1080p (My xbox 360) works on it. This has one set of Component inputs.

I have a regular Standard Definition RCA (Brand!) tv, I dont remember its inches but it has 3 standard RCA inputs.

Finally I have a Magnavox Standard Definition DVD Recorder.

Now that you know what I have let me explain my question. I want to hook my RF cable line from my wall into my HD Cable Box, this isnt a problem. Next I want to take my YPbPr (component) outputs from my cable box to my Surround sound which will then be hooked to my Polaroud 23 inch HD tv via component so the video can be passed on. Again this isnt a problem.

However what I want to know is can I use the Cable Box’s SD composite RCA output so that I can send the signal to my SD Magnavox DVD recorder’s input, which will then be passed to my RCA (brand) tv (picture quality doesnt matter for my RCA tv, it can be garbage b/c I dont plan on using it to watch, just so I can see my magnavox menus onscreen) while im using the Cable Box’s HD output to send my HD video and audio to my surround sound system / TV at the SAME time?

I cant hook my cable box to my recorder and then pass it on to the tv b/c its a cheap recorder and is SD only and has no HD inputs or outputs.

The end result in my mind will be my Polaroid tv having a High Def image depending on what connection I decide to set my Surround sound to, this I know works, but at the same time producing the same exact image, but not high def, on my RCA tv but b/c it goes thru the DVD recorder it will alow me to use onscreen menues with my RCA tv. I know that the cable box will display the same station on both TV’s and this is fine, however only the RCA will show SD with dvd menues while the Polaroid will show HD video.

Please tell me if this will work. :frowning:

Bump…? :frowning: