Using Fujifilm DVD-R (Taiwan Vs. Japan made)



I’ve read in many posts that Fujifilm DVD-R 8x works fine with Plextor 716a and then read in others that there is a difference in Fujifilm…one is “made in Japan”…I have “made in Taiwan” DVD-Rs…and my Plextor just keeps humming and the LED just keeps flashing red, yellow, green…over and over… with an occasional loud humming, but no burning…or it burns partially, but Nero shows to progress.

I’ve been burning on Memorex DVD-Rs and TDK DVD-Rs with no problem from hardware or software, but caught the Fujifilm DVD-R on sale so I’m trying it… but so far no luck, it won’t work. Any suggestions? Is there a setting in Nero or any other burning software that will allow me to use the Fujifilm made in Taiwan?


Download DVD Identifier and post the MID of the Fuji disks your having problems with so the Plextor pros can help you >


MIJ is the best! However My +R and -R both work fine in the 716. Did you update your plextools at the plex site and FW to 1.04U?
Also you need the current version of any burning program.


Follow rolling56 and etp to download dvd identifier, update the firmware and Plextools.

Media brand name, such as Memorex, Fuji, TDK etc, is meaningless for the burner. DVD burners “see” the media by looking its MID (Manufacturer/Media ID). DVD Identifier can show you the MID.

For example, Fujifilm DVD-R 8x can have MIDs: ProdiscF01 (Mfg: Prodisc) or Fujifilm03 or TYG02 (Mfg: Taiyo Yuden/TY). Only the last one is recommended by Plextor.
Memorex 8x DVD-R can be ProdiscF01 or CMC MAG AE1 (Mfg: CMC Magnetics). Both or not recommended.
TDK 8x DVD-R can be TTG02 or TTH01, both Mfg by TDK and are recommended.

You can still burn a not-recommended media but you will get mixed result, sometime burns well, sometime failed.

Another thing is, the latest firmware 1.04 fixed some DVD±R writing strategies, you might want to try it.