Using FreeMake Video Converter trying to convert to mpeg-2

I am using Adobe Premiere Elements (PRE) to make a DVD of my grandchildren that will play in a regular DVD player.

PRE will not recognize the format that my Camera produces.

So I used FreeMake Video Converter to convert my to mpeg-2. However, after conversion, I have only audio and no video.

Any ideas as to what is happening, or any recommendations of a different video converter program.

Thanks for any assistance.


There are several conversion programs you might try, including some that will convert to mpeg2 and author to dvd-video.

For those that will convert all the way to dvd-video, I’d try AVStoDVD, DVDFlick or a commercial program called ConvertXtoDVD.
AVStoDVD can be found here:
AVStoDVD can also be set to output as mpeg2 files, if you’d prefer to author with Adobe. I’d use the HC encoder that is available in AVStoDVD.

A couple of other free conversion tools that might be useful would be WinFF, and MediaCoder.