Using Forum Software productively...Subscribed Threads, etc



Hi folks;
Ok…Not certain where this goes, but I don’t cross-post :wink: - so move it if necessary, thanks

In an effort to use these forums more productively - I need to ask a few questions;

(btw - I’ve used the “search” function, but to no avail, …yet I do get frustrated easily)

  1. What is the Image Attachment file SIZE Limit ? (saw it once, when I accidentally tried uploading an image over the size limit…do I really need to do this again to find out what the limit is ?)

(these below are all somewhat related to each other)

  1. What’s with the Paper Clips and Thumbtacks in the center-ish column (here and there, seemingly sporadically whereever down the middle of forum pages)…they’re not helping me, and confuse me more than anything, because that’s where I’m expecting to see --> some sort of “Subscribed” Thread markers (a check mark or similar)

  2. ^^^^ Do I need to make the forums EMAIL ME for this to occur ? – Can I not “subscribe” to threads without receiving email notification ? BTW - my User CP options is set to the “No email notification” option, and has been for days.

  3. Is there any kind of “mark” that this forum’s vbulletin software gives (on each forum/subforum page) like a “check mark” or similar, to let me know “which” threads I’ve replied/subscribed to ? I use my own System Colors of “visited” and “unvisited” hyperlinks to let me know which threads I’ve previously viewed, but haven’t replied to (which is working fine).

Enjoying my stay so far …but could be better for me upon each visit
Thanks for helping knock the cobwebs loose for me :wink:

Ok…more digging yields
1a. It seems that I can hit “Subscribed Threads” when in USER CP - but is that the only way ?

I dug into the FAQ section and others (The Announcements and Read First in the Newbie forums) …and, am I correct in assuming I need to tick “subscribe” for each specific one? I am obviously subscribed to ~13 threads already, but I can’t tell when browsing the forums which threads those are :: confused ::

2a I’m guessing the paper clips and thumbtacks represent “Stickys” or similar

thanks for any clarification you can help me with - as I notice while creating this New thread, that the Same exact choices are available for Subscribing, as are found in User CP, and the default appears like the setting in my User CP -> “no email notification”




[li]I believe the size limit for attachments is about 99kb, if I recall correctly.[/li][li] The paperclips mean that there is at least one attachment in the thread.[/li][li]I cannot answer this question.[/li][li] Means that you have posted in this thread. The symbol appears in the left hand column.[/li][/ol]


I think the attachment limit is 97.7kb to be exact - but maybe i’m wrong too !

Also - what about the gold speechbubble with a tick in it?

  1. [li] Thank you - that’s close enough…ya know - so when you save a screenie (PNG, jpg, gif) , I check out the size before uploading
    [li]<–thanks again - got it … :doh:
    [li] That’s actually very acceptable now…considering the next answer below :slight_smile:
    [li]AWESOME ! – I can barely even notice that, it’s so friggin tiny …:frowning:
    [/li] look ->
    (I decided not to “attach” it - so I don’t muck up my own thread :p)
    …but now that you’ve pointed it out, I can see it !!!

Thanks a ton Nemesys - and thanks also to the others who are replying as well :smiley:

oh - The gold speech bubble with a check mark in it ? – that means that you’ve “replied/responded” to that thread (you personally posted a response somewhere within it) …rather than just “viewed” it


That means that you have posted in that thread and there are new posts.
The blue speech bubble with the check mark means you have posted in that thread and there are no new posts.


I noticed the blue vs gold and wondered …yep – that’s clearer now - again thanks (btw - got the pm ;))