Using force fallback fixes leadout problems with VS0A

using 1.33 omnipatcher and VS0A i now get no rises at the end of my 8x burns with some media…

here is a CMCE01 using stock strategy forcefallback option on (with 1.37 the other option that replaced forcefallback didnt work).

If you guys could put this option back in the next version of omni it would be great!


R02 set at R03 strategy burned at 8x with VSOA…using force fallback (note: no high rise at end like i was getting without force fallback).

same r02s burned at 4xwithout forcefallback using the new recallibrate option (actually this option may be causing this)…

I have some prodiscR02 burn @4x and also get high rise at end(use default write strat).I don’t know fallback option can help it or not.(451S@US0Q)

Sorry, force fallback only helps discs burnt at 8x. Try changing the strategy of the PRODISCR02, using OmniPatcher, to PRODISCR03 or MCC002.

I just thought I’d tell you all that force fallback fixed my problems too. This is a disc from the same spindle I used in this post.

Thanks, codeguys! :bigsmile: