Using Flashfix on LTD-166s

I upgraded my drive to firmware DS1a but unfortunately it is still not able to read DVD-Ram ( I’m using XP Pro ). I have been told by other users that it should - they are using DS19.

The exe file refuses to reflash my drive and I’ve been advised to use Flashfix. Before I do, however, can I ask some questions about it.

  1. Once flashed, I’m told the exe file will flash “any drive” as it will not check if it’s the correct drive or not. Does this mean “ant LiteOn drive” or literally any drive - I’m asking as I also have a Pioneer 106 burner and don’t want to flash that by mistake.

  2. From what I read I just drag and drop the exe file - does it then give me a list of drives to choose from before flashing?

At present my Pioneer is set to master and the Lite-On to slave. Would it read the DVD-Ram disc any better if it was the other way round? Before updating the firmware I could not get the drive to recognise the disc. With the updated firmware (DS1A) it now gives me a solid green light but when I try to access the drive via My Computer it shows the hour glass and stays like that. Eventually I have to use CTRL-ALT-DEL to stop it.

Any ideas?