Using fax on internet

Hello Everyone. I intend to send and receive fax on Internet. It is not a professional activity. I am looking for a simple to use and preferably free fax program and of course a service to support it. Advice is welcome. Thanks.

Hi hwbee, a wile ago I was testing a program called “Mighty Fax” , it’s very simple to set up and works OK :iagree: , a good program to start with for anybody who wants to cut there teeth on Internet Faxing , you can Fax word documents from word, I found it to be a lot better than “WinFax” was , WinFax is a lot more difficult to set up and to use. You can find Mighty Fax here

Windows comes with a fax software. It’s descent and I used it in the past, it did the job right. No advanced features, nothing fancy, just to fax documents. Also most modems com with a fax software like Smartcom Fax.

Ohh… btw… Windows Fax is usually left out (not installed) by default but if you go into add/remove iwndows compenents you should see ti in the list.

There are a couple of companies that provides fax by email services.