Using External Case CDROM


I need some information if it is wise to buy an external case CDROM for a cd - writer so that i could use it as an external drive.  

Right now I have a cd writer that takes at least ten minutes to burn a 700mb. If I put my writer in the external case how long will it take me now to burn a 700mb cd. (Anybody ever did this?)

Lastly what should be the specifications i need to look at for a good external case CDROM.

Thank you very much in advance! :slight_smile:

how long will it take in the case?
depends on the speed of the writer, quality of the case, and if both the case and computer are using usb2. If they both use usb2 and the case is good, the burner should go as fast as the specs say it should. What speed is it by the way?
Get a decent case and all should be fine.