Using DW1620 as an external burner is horrible

hey all

I have a DW1620 and Im using it off and on as an external unit for my laptop and I cant seem to burn above 4x without it dropping down to 45minute burning time with huge amounts of scan errors.

anyone have a clue how I can fix this?

Im using the B7T9 firmware.

You could try flashing the drive (over USB) to 47L9 which is the external firmware for the BenQ drives. Might correct some of the problems you are experiencing since that firmware is especially modified for use over external enclosures.

What chipset are you using on your external and are you using USB2 or firewire?

Flashed my drive externally over USB but am actually running the drive under Firewire. Using a Plumax External enclosure with a prolific chipset. Works fine from the couple times I tried to burn with it - from what I can tell. I normally use that drive as the primary reader more than anything though. :slight_smile:

I have a plumax case as well but dont have a clue what chipset its using.

the board on mine is flipped so you cant see the chip

know where I can get specs on the plumax cases?

its usb2 so I know it should be doing better. braxas what speeds are you getting?

Speeds as in my burst speeds? Up to 23 megabytes per second over Firewire. Never really tested it using USB2.0 since I know a lot of people have success over Firewire with this case. :wink:

hmm with me I cant get anything over 4x :frowning:

when I try to go for 8x it just screws up on me.

Does it give a model number in your device manager?

A lot has to do with the burst rate of the machine you are plugged into. My laptop only gets 13/MB per Sec. (using USB) So when the external is hooked to my laptop, I can only burn 8X. When hooked to other machines I usualy burn at 12X. On my desktop, I get a burst rate of about 20MB/sec. using the external drive. It will let me burn at the 16x setting, but really only gets to about 15.5 before it starts having buffer problems. What is the burst rate you get when hooked up to your laptop? Have you tried to use your external with another (faster) PC?

Please read the “Big External Case” thread, it will give you all the information you require.

Model number for my Plumax case is PL3507. :bigsmile:

Hi everyone, I just got my self a ADS External Drive Closure with according to the box a Cypress AT2 Chipset


And I got a DW1620. I am trying to get this to work but unfortunately it does not recognize it. I am sure I’ve installed it correctly but whenever I plug in the drive it but it does not show up. I checke dmy computer and it has a USB MASS Storage Device with a yellow question mark.

Currently I have the G7V9 firmware for my writer. Does any one have any advice? Thanks.

BTW I have verified that my enclosure works by putting in a CDRW drive in it.

Thanks everyone for their insight.

A lot of posters have reported problems of many kinds with Cypress chipsets. Unfortunately, you may just have an incompatible combination.