Using dvdxcopy w/ nero6

up until a couple of weeks ago i’ve been able to successfully burn 200+ dvds using the simple dvdxcopy and yes, i don’t mind the splash screen, just as long as it works. I’ve recentlly purchased nero6 hoping to avoid potential coasters and giving me options to gearworks. after switching my advance options to burn with nero, i successfully rip, burn and finalize. But when i play it back on a dvd player which i never had problems with before, it won’t even reconigize the dvd. When played in the pc, no problems. I’ve tried other dvd players, all which had no luck with. If anyone could give me tips on what to do, it would be most appreciated. By the way, as we speak i’m trying out dvdshrink, crossing my fingers. Also, when i use an external ripper program like shrink or copy, it automatically sets the burn speed of nero to 1x, any tips to change that to 2 or 3?