Using DVDlab to create the image than burning with nero DVD+R Problem

Hi Ok heres my problem. I have a movie the name of the movie is not important anyways. It is in svcd format and is cut into two pieces cd1 and cd2. First thing i do is open up dvdlab and create an menu box for the movie. Than put the two pieces of the movie. Everything is going great so far. After i get all done i convert this with dvdlab onto my hard drive. That works fine. So here I am with the conversion all ready to burn on my DVD+R which are TDK by the way. I open up nero to burn a video dvd and load everything up. I am using nero ultra edition by the way. I burn the dvd with no problems but here is the problem the dvd will not play on all my stand alone dvd players and yes all my dvd platers play dvd+ or _ r. I know thats not the problem. When i load the dvd on my computer it plays great. What is the deal with this? If you have any infomation on this PLEASE E-MAIL ME
Also If you haave any infomation on to burn vcd or svcd or bin and cue files to dvd+r where it does play on a dvd player PLEASE E-MAIL ME! This is killing me not being able to burn these types of files on a dvd so they play on a dvd palyer. I know its possible. Again if you have any info on any of this please e-mail me Thanks

Download Super Dvd copy you said you made an image super dvd copy will burn it it has no problems i know cause i experienced the same thing i tried nero alcohol then i tried super dvd copy it works great for burning images.
but first you got to mount them onto a drive with alcohol then you open up the file mounted with super dvd copy.