Using DVDFab5


I realise this might be a completely stupid question, but I looked through all the tutorials etc., and I really can’t figure this one out…!

I used DVD Fab5 to copy a DVD Video to my PC, and the Video_TS files have all got copied. The thing is, how do I now watch the movie on my PC?!?

And again, yes, I realise I’ve probably missed something completely obvious, but what?!?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Window Media Player, VLC, Click on the tabs up top here that ssays download and look at DVD Player Software

For most players, simply go to File / Open…and then point it to the folder where you ripped the dvd.

many software players will place a context menu option to play files when you right click. just right click the video_ts folder and click play with VLC [or whatever]