Using DVDFab to burn Dual Layer

Hi, first off would like to say I love the site, and really enjoy using the easy features of DVDFab Platinum. I have been using DVDFab Platiunm for about a month and love it.

My question deals with burning DVD9 media. I only use Verbatim DVD+R DL, and my question should be pretty simple. I simply want to know what is the best way to burn a DVD9.

Should I use the “Full Disc” option and select DVD9, or just use the “Clone” feature?

My other question is, are these burns perfect quality? What I mean is if I have a DVD9, and burn using DVDFab’s clone feature to a DVD9, is it a perfect quality copy or is their a slight loss in quality? Is there anyway to confirm this?


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Funny, I just posted a reply to a similar question about DLs.
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Here’s the referenced thread, post #16:

In case I wasn’t clear above, IMO these bkups to DLs are flawless. I’ve done in excess of a 100 DL burns with Fab…perfect playback on any player I’ve tried. I have done some scans, but testing gets old and if you’re happy with the quality of the bkup…that’s enough testing anyway… :wink:

[Edit] I meant to add…
I use customize mode almost exclusively, both for DLs and SLs. It provides the user with the most control in terms of configurability.

For the DVD9s I am copying I just want the DVD cloned exactly how it is. I want all the extras and that stuff.

So do you recommend just using clone? They should be perfect quality clones, right?

Also, the playback is great, I just want to be sure I am getting perfect quality backups for my collection purposes.

(slightly off-topic of what I am asking, BUT under custom settings,"

should I select “Set booktype to DVD-ROM (only for DVD+R/RW Media)”

Thanks again.

That’s right. Essentially the cloned bkup will be identical. Obviously, it will have the region coding and other copy protection removed.

There is no downside to bitsetting. It will improve player compatibility for +R/RW media…
Yes, I would enable "Set booktype to DVD-ROM (only for DVD+R/RW Media)"
in Common Settings > Write.

There are some burners where this won’t work. For eg., some of the samsung burners will not bitset, but the manufacturer doesn’t provide this utility either.
Personally, I use QSuite for my Benq 1655 and Liteon’s BookType 135 for my liteys. Both will bitset the burners permanently unless disabled. With some of the old Liteons, you have to run the Liteon utility each time.

Your welcome, glad to help… :wink:

Great thank you. So by selecting the booktype to DVD-Rom it will allow for the DVDs to play in more players with no reacting side effect?

That’s right. The following may help…
This explanation is courtesy of [B]blutach[/B] from[B] Digital Video Forums[/B]:

"… What’s all this about bitsetting/book type DVD-ROM?

Put simply, this is a way to make DVD players think they are playing an actual DVD pressed from a master instead of one you burned.

First, a bit of background. When DVDs were developed, their specification was to read “DVD-ROM”, not DVD+R or DVD-R. Many players happily play either or both of these “writable formats”…
But many others are stubborn and adhere rigidly to the specification. When you insert a DVD into a player, it looks at the top nibble (bits 4 to 7) of byte 0 of the lead-in for the “book type field”. These four bits of data tell the player what sort of media you have - if it is 0, it is DVD-ROM.

DVD+Rs are the most compatible media with DVD-ROM - they have the same reflectivity and can be read by the player - but a few players query these 4 bits and say “no dice”.

How to fix this? This is where bitsetting comes in. The idea, as you will have guessed, is to set the bits back to 0, thereby setting the book type to DVD-ROM…"

Great job, and thanks a bunch for answering my questions. Great forum and I will be visiting again.

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