Using DVDFab Platinum: large sections of movie black out

I’m trying to create one single vob file from a dvd. This is not for reburning, I’ve used dvdFab platinum to remove css and it appears the the VTS_01_1 file contains the entire movie as after removing the css i imported the file into adobe encore and it says that the file is 1 hour 29 minutes, but after about 38 minutes it just goes black.

help, any suggestions appreciated.

Hello montana100
That is very very strange I have been using DVDFab Platinum since day one and I have never heard of Platinum putting a whole movie into one VTS_01_1 or VOB file.
The VTS_01_1.VOB is only one of ffiles there should be a VTS_01_2, VTS_01_3 and so on
ir you copied to your HD you may want to look where it was placed for the other files if not you may have to start over

Moving to ‘DVD Fab’ section of ‘Copy DVD Movie’…

I originally thought that the _2 and _3 contained the extras, but it is the rest of the film. I was viewing the VTS_01_1 in adobe encore and it displayed 1 hour 29 min for the file, it showed a third of the film and blacked out the balance (which is on the two other files). that clears that up.
Can you (or someone) suggest a good and fast program to join the pieces as I need one single file. I used Nero Vision 4.7 - is this the best program for this. Also, when I exported the final file in Nero, I kept wondering if the processing that was occuring was simply piecing together or a rendering, which I would think would create a inferior copy than the source vob files. thanks!!

Please explain what you are trying to accomplish with this movie. There may be a better/easier way to do it. DVDShrink has the option of writing a single VOB rather than 1GB chunks, but I just can’t understand the purpose of running it through Adobe.:confused:

I was actually use Adobe Encore just to view the contents of the file, nothing else. i’m new to this “stuff.” is DVDShrink on par with DVDFAB? The goal is to extract a single VOB file from various DVD’s containing the entire movie. I may want to extract different versions from the DVD - one containing a version with spanish subtitles as well. thanks.

Not by a long shot. Shrink was the best in its day but it is old now and cannot decrypt newer protections. Just using 1VOB file that has the movie on it will not due, you also need the .ifo files.

I checked out the tutorial section of this forum on file structures, what info does the .ifo files have if I’m just interested in the movie, no chapters, no menus. thanks!

If you are using DVDFAB just click on movie only and it will leave out all that stuff