Using dvdfab mobile to copy dvd's to archos 5

Hello - I am new to this site and was hoping someone had some experience with the archos 5. I just purchased this product, and I’m using dvdfab mobile option to try to put some of my dvds onto the archos 5. I am using an HP dv7 laptop also.

Should I use generic or pvp as my mobile device, and are there any settings I should change in the Conversion Settings? Also when I specify a dvd to dvd copy it recognizes the dvd and it previews fine, but in the dvd to mobile, it takes a while for it to recognize the dvd and then in the little preview box, the movie seems choppy and keeps stopping. If anyone has a good routine to share with me on how to get movies onto their Archos 5, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

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Hi jogray1
Within PVP there is a profile for the Archos 504/604 that should work fine for your device. If you have the podcast plugin, there are two profiles available for the Archos 7 that should work on the 5 also. I will edit in a link for them. They should both be included with the next release of DVDFab. One requires the podcast plugin, the other does not. If you have the Cinema plugin, you can just use the VOB Passthrough option in Generic (the files will be much larger but will have the same quality as the original DVD).

Thanks Kerry56

//EDIT// Here is a link to the thread about the 7.
You will need to scroll down to the 4th and 5th posts to find links to the threads where the profiles are posted. The forum
doesn’t allow repeating the same attachment or I would post it here for you.

Thanks for the info. I’ve been experimenting but it takes too long to copy a movie and it gets frustrating. Would you recommend the Cinema plugin for the easiest and best quality? I downloaded one movie with pvp and all of the people looked stretched too tall and the other dvd I used Generic and it said I needed the Cinema plugin. I just don’t have hours to waste fooling around with it so thanks for your advice.

How big is the drive on your 5? Will you ever be playing them on a widescreen TV? How many movies do you want to have on it at once?

The above will help determine which method you will be happiest with. I’m on the east coast and it’s time for zzzzzzzzs. I’ll check back tomorrow and
see what you’ve decided and try to look into the aspect ratio problems you had on the conversion you made with Generic.

I just got the 60 gb model. I’d say 50 movies would be plenty, and when I do a little research on the dvr accessory, I’d like to put some tv shows on. I doubt I’ll play them on my tv unless the quality is really good, but it’s not a necessity.

I’m also on the east coast and I was up at 4:30am so I’ll check back tomorrow too.

Thanks again for your help.

I have two problems and would greatly appreciate some help.

First, I used dvdfab mobile and type pvp with the profile for the archos 504/604. The result, which I put on my archos 5, makes the people look stretched too tall. Two different movies produced the same result.

Second, I tried what calipete suggested and dropped his archos7 profile into the dvdfab profiles directory, and removed the txt extension. I noticed that the file type was a text file and not an xml file like all of the rest of the profiles. Anyway, calipete said that his new profile would appear under pvp, and it did not. Did I miss something?

Thanks for any information you can give me.


Re: Aspect Ratio Problem (stretched look)
If it does this on all movies, it may be some of the settings. Check that Automatic Cropping is enabled (Common Settings->DVD to Mobile, put a check in the box). When you are making a conversion, after clicking Next, click on the Conversion Settings button. When that opens, click the button (upper right) that says “Zoomed by Source Aspect”, then choose a screen size (480x???) that matches the cropped aspect ratio (usually 1.7778:1 or 2.35:1 for widescreen movies, 1.333:1 for TV shows or old movies). Also, make sure you are using the newest version of DVDFab ( at this writing). I have made many many conversions with that profile and have never had that happen.

Re: What kind of conversion
If you want 50 movies or so on a 60GB model you will need to use one of the conversions to MPEG-4. The files would be too large with VOB Passthrough.

All profiles must have a .xml file suffix. You can change it with windows explorer by single clicking on the filename twice, then putting the cursor over the txt and replacing it with xml. When you restart DVDFab it should appear in PVP. The profile I posted installs in the DVD to Mobile menu pane.

Thanks Signals. I will try your suggestion to fix the aspect ration problem tonight when I get home from work.

As for the profile problem, I did remove the txt extension and then dropped it into the profiles directory. It never showed up in the PVP. I did notice that the file type was a text file while all of the other profiles were file type XML. I didn’t know if this had anything to do with it.


Maybe I should just buy the podcast plugin and use the profile that you posted - Archos7_H264.mp4.h264.aac.txt. I am looking for the best resolution I can get while still keeping the files a reasonable size. You seem to be very familiar with this - what’s your opinion?

Thanks again.

Well, I like the podcast plugin. The Archos won’t play MP4 files without it and that is a popular file format. For a given level of video quality the H264 compression will produce a smaller file, or put another way, for the same file size, H264 gives better quality.

Thanks again. I will get the plug in later tonight, and will try your profile. Can I expect each movie to be a little over a gig?

Some will be less, some a little more. It depends on the size of the original movie and the video bitrate setting. Follow the installation steps listed in the link where the profile is attached, post if you have any problems.


Originally when I copied the profile from calipete, I posted a msg that it didn’t work. I was using a laptop with Visata 32 bit. I tried another computer using XP, and put the file on a flash drive. Then I took it to my laptop and copied the file from my flash drive to my dvdfab profiles directory. Then it worked and I could see the new profile in dvdfab. I, once again, blame Vista for my problem.

Anyway, back to the other problem. I tried all of your suggestions about the aspect ratio , and even though I was successful in using calipete’s archos 7 profile, the picture was still distorted. So I ended up purchasing the padcast plugin and used the profile you created. The movie came out perfect when I put it on my Archos. The file was 1.6 gb, which is slightly larger than I’d like, but the quality is great, so I will stick with this profile. Thanks so much for all of your help - you saved me from chucking my new Archos out the window.

Have a great day.


I’m glad it worked out for you but I do not understand why you had a problem with the aspect ratio. All’s well that ends well. :slight_smile: Thanks for posting your results.