Using DVDecrypter and Nero Recode to shrink DVD

Hello all,
My name is Tony, and yes I am a noob. Biggest reason I came on this site is to get some help. I know a couple of years ago while on a deployment I found an awesome tutorial on converting DVDs using DVDecrypter (spelling?) and Nero Recode. I somehow lost the link for this tutorial and I am trying to find it again. I am pretty sure it came from somewhere on the Club CDFreaks website. It had some pictures to show you all the right settings and was just awesome as a whole. I know there are lots of other ways to convert the movies and all, but this was the one that I found worked out best for my purposes. If anyone can help me out, I would appreciate it. Hope to talk to yall soon.

If you insist on Nero Recode, it is not that complicated.
Load file in and set DVD size (DVD5 or DVD9) in lower right hand corner. Recode will adjust compression accordingly.
It may be a good idea to run your DVD through DVD Shrink and get rid off unnecessary stuff first, so the main movie is at lowest compression possible.
Do not run Reauthoring, just Backup. That way all the menu stay intact.

You do realize that DVDDecrypter has not been updated in several years? It is no longer effective as a decryption program for many newer movies.

If you run into one you cannot rip with DVDDecrypter, you should get DVDFab HD Decrypter. It is free to use.

I’m not familiar with the Nero Recode guide you are talking about. I didn’t find one in the Copy Movie forum section on guides. Here is one from doom9:

Kerry you’re right about it bring an old program but in conjunction with ripit4me I an still using it. The last backup I did was Indiana Jones and the Crystal skull’s, It did a super job without a hitch.
If I were to have any problems I would of course rip the DVD to the hard drive with DVDFab HD Decrypter first before proceeding.

The reason I still want to use this program is that even with it being older, it still seemed to do the best job when ripping. I couldn’t get anything to rip the last Pirates of the Caribbean, but when I used Decrypter/Recode in conjunction I ended up with a crystal clear 1GB file. In case you are wondering, I am military and I convert the movies to take with me on my travels. heading back to the Sandbox soon and wanted to get back into this again.