Using DVDDecryptor with 1ClickDVDCopyPro

I downloaded tonight a 10-day trial version of 1ClickDVDCopyPro after a clerk at a local Office Depot recommended 1ClickDVDCopy for burning DVDs. I have been using DVD Decryptor and DVD Shrink 3.2, but I’ve found Shrink 3.2 confusing to use. Yeah, that’s a newbie for ya. Anyway, when I tried to use 1Click for the first time tonight to copy “War of the Worlds,” I had to run DVD Decryptor first. OK, I expected that because I knew 1Click can’t remove the copy protection. Then, I opened 1Click, but I couldn’t figure out the next step. I was totally stuck.

BTW, do I need to register this trial version?

I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop running on Windows XP, with a NEC 6650A reader/writer.

Your help will be most appreciated. :confused: