Using DVD Shrink w/DVD Decrypter to burn

I used to have this set-up on my PC using DVDShrink then DVDDecrypter (IMGBurn) to automatically burn, but it doesn’t work that way any-more.

I have down loaded a fresh copy of Shrink but that option is not there to burn w/DVD Decrypter any more. Am I missing something :rolleyes: (easy for me to do) :o

Now I have to do it manually - to burn.


This version has the ability to use ImgBurn automatically with Shrink:

Read the “Read Me First” text file for instructions on installation.

Thanks for the help :clap:

I downloaded the file and extracted. Followed the readme first.

3. Copy and paste the DVD Shrink 3.2_w_IB exe file into the DVD Shrink Programs folder, C:\Program Files\DVD Shrink .
(With only the modified Shrink exe from the zip file loaded the program will work, but some functions are lost. Use of stored Still Images and the Help files rely on installation files in Program Files.)

When it comes to word instructions, I’m not very bright but this is all that I get from the zip file: (1st pix)

Then from:
4. Click DVD Shrink shortcut on Desktop to open DVD Shrink.
5. Open a DVD, Disc Image, or Files and select Backup.
6. Select Target Device,
7. Under Select backup target:, in the dropdown window select Create ISO Image file:, ISO Image File and burn with ImgBurn

This is all I see: (2nd pix)

What did I do wrong??

What I did do was make a copy of IMG Burn.exe and put it the DVD Decrypter file and renamed it DVDDecrypter.exe, this works but no IMG Burn option in the drop down window.

When you unzip the package I linked to, you get a folder called DVD_Shriink_3_2_b_w_IB. Inside the folder are two files, and another folder. The two files are the DVDShrink installation file, which you should be familiar with, and the text file with instructions, which you have obviously found. The folder named DVD_Shrink_w ImgBurn Feature holds the DVDShrink 3.2.exe file which has been modified to replace DVDDecrypter.

All of that was obvious. Now, the first thing I would do would be to uninstall your existing DVDShrink program, since it is no longer functioning as you want. Next, install using the installation program included with the download. The last step is to copy the executable file into Shrink.

When you take the DVDShrink 3.2.exe file and copy and paste it into the C:\Program Files\DVDShrink folder, it will overwrite the existing executable file. You should get a prompt asking if you want to do this. Say yes.

You should now have a window that includes this when you look for options on burning the ISO:

Thank you for taking the time. Your explaination was much clearer for me. It worked.

Thanks again :iagree: