Using dvd shrink 3.2

I am using dvd shrink version3.2 i believe and it has this biult in burning software. Now i have this NERO software i downloaded that came with my SOny burner.

Everytime i use the dvd shrink it automatically makes a backup copy for me…how do i choose to use the nero software to make a back up copy?

Also is the NEro software a better choice to use for better picture backups or just go ahead and keep using the biult in dvd shrink burner?

Thanks alot for all your help.


dvd shrink/edit/preferences/file i/o…enable burningwith nero.
and since dvd shrink will use nero, it makes no difference

Yup, not a bit of difference. As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. As for DVD Shrink automatically burning things for you? That isn’t entirely correct. DVD Shrink in and of itself will not burn it’s own DVD projects. However, it will automatically link up to Nero (V6.0 or higher) or allow you to select the option to burn in ISO mode with DVD Decrypter. If you don’t have either of these programs it won’t automatically burn for you.