Using dvd-rw

Sometime when I use rewritable support and watch on dvd reader the movie is unwatchable with plenty pixels
If I watch it on the PC DVD reader there are no problems
Somebody can help me?

Don’t use low quality discs (e.g. Princo). If the problem even occurs on good ones, then your player might not like rw discs

I’m using Imation DVD-RW and not always but sometime got this problem.
I.E. on same dvd I copied one movie with plenty pixels since the last 5/6 capitols, another movie very clear

This is understandable

With DVD-R I never got problems even if they are low quality supports like quixo

Pretty sure the reflectivity of -RW discs are much lower than any standard -R disc. Try using a quality -RW like Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, Sony, etc. I know Imation cds are CMC (crappy), not sure about their DVDs though.


Their DVDs are even worse.

Try the Bulkpaq green (Gen4) my Sony DRU500A has no problem with them at all.