Using DVD-R or DVD+R media

Hi, I’m a newbie to DVD burning. I recently purchases a Lite-On 851S dual DVD burner. Which format is it better to burn in or what is recommended should I use since I can do either, DVD-R or DVD+R? Thanks for your help.

For standalone devices i always burn R- because my dvd players do only read the R-. I don’t know why… i just noticed it… and for data DVDs i use R+ and the R+ could be read with nearly all PCs i tested… (sorry for my bad english i’m not feeling fine today :D)

is there a difference in quality if you burn in -R vs. +R? Also, are there price differences in the cost for either or do they normally sell at the same price?

Good question it’s one I was about to ask too. The one thing I have noticed is that DVD+R seem to be slightly more expensive and not as easily available as DVD-R, but don’t take my word for it, I’m a newbie too!

The Lite-on 851S most definitely likes +R better. You can download easy, free bitsetting utilites from the Lite-on forum here at CDFreaks to get a compatibility level with standalones at least equal to -R.

Some 851 users report good or OK results with -R, but many more have problems. Conversely, it seems most people can get pretty good results with +R (especially with the new custom firmware the Codeguys put out for the 851S).

DVD+R is significantly more expensive in the UK, but here in the US, the prices are pretty close together. Quality depends upon your burner; some ‘like’ +R and some -R.

thanks to everyone for all their comments and help. the dvdfaq website was a great summary of the various formats.